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    In September 2008 Bronze Envy European Tanning Salon was opened to Scott and Marnie. The Salon was like another child to them for 12 years until unfortunate circumstances came upon them, and they had to sell. In the summer of 2020 one of their loyal customer and friends, Anna took over and it has been thriving ever since.

    Now called iTan Lounge, offers a variety of services such as traditional UV Tanning & Custom Spray Tanning. Continue your experience with our other offerings. These include Red Light Therapy , Hydration Station & Led Light Wave Therapy .

    We guarantee you will get a perfect bronzed tan all around. Combining our tanning systems, exceptional indoor tanning lotions, and our friendly, professionally trained staff.


    Why Choose iTAN Lounge?


    • No appointments needed! Just walk in...

    • All equipment and surfaces are sanitized with medical-grade sanitizer after every session,

    • Towel service for your convenience,

    • We carry a wide range of tanning lotions, additives, tan extenders and moisturizers to fit any budget,

    • Our staff has been professionally trained,

    • Getting your daily dose of vitamin D.


    We hope you enjoy the atmosphere and experience in our salon as much as we do!

  • Benefits Of Indoor Tanning

    • Helps To Clear Up Psoriasis
    • Helps To Clear Up & Prevent Acne

    • Helps With Seasonal Affective Disorder

    • Restful, Relaxing &Soothing

    • Improves Your Mood & Self-Esteem

    • Promotes Oil Production & Hormonal Balance

    • UV Rays Help The Body Create A Natural Supply Of Vitamin D ( in 5 min secession the body produces daily needs) etc...

  • Services

    What We Do

    Hand-held Spray Tanning

    It's a spray tan Airbrush tanning is the only safe way to receive a beautiful, golden brown tan in just one session.

    At iTan Lounge we use only Norvell Spay Tan Solutions! Norvell is a custom designed sunless tanning solution made from all natural ingredients - Gluten free, paraben free, Sulfate free, cruelty free, Non- Comedogenic & 100% Vegan! AND they use top notch ingredients and colors that don't turn orange.

    Hydration Station 

    Our Hydration Station is a 20 & 30 minute mini spa and skin care treatment that helps increase both UV and airbrush tanning results and enhances the tone and texture of your skin. The result is a luxury spa treatment that will leave you feeling great, prolong your tan and have your skin looking soft, supple and radiant.
    Detox entire body, soften skin, improve skin tonality and texture, rebuild injured tissue,

    infuse skin with nutrients to enhance moisture retention, stimulate enzyme activity and speed up metabolism, oxygen concentrates & therapeutic colors relax and stimulate, reduce joint stiffness and relieve pain, prolong your suntan.

    UV Tanning 




    This 225 Watt++ stand up unit with 55 high intensity lamps and luxurious features. Eliminate pressure points and tan lines in record time with this powerful unit. Featuring 11 power spot high pressure facials for the most even facial tan, the iDome also features in-booth multi-level air conditioning and misting aromatherapy for a refreshing tan. Get a stunning 360º tan in this 8-minute stand-up tanning bed.


    UV Tanning

    With its 46 Turbo Power UV lamps and 3 Ultra Performance facial tanners, the intermediate model of the Affinity Series provides an excellent tanning result. The wide new Body Shape acrylic, with an integrated headrest, variable footrests and comfortable armrests, ensures a relaxing tanning experience from beginning to end. Its clever Twin Power technology for optimized performance provides powerful tanning results.

    Red Light Therapy

    Infrared light therapy is a form of light therapy, which involves getting exposed to sufficient intensity of infrared light to experience health benefits. The infrared spectrum is the invisible light with frequencies below that of the red light. It is why we feel gentle radiant heat when we are exposed to the sun because infrared creates heat in our tissues. However, the infrared spectrum also affects our physiology in other ways.

    The infrared spectrum is between 700 nm to 0.1 mm in wavelength, which can be divided into near, mid, and far-infrared spectrum. The longer the wavelength, the lower the frequency and the further the light can penetrate tissues.

    Different ranges of infrared frequency have different health benefits.

    Natural Skin Lightening

    What Causes Darker Skin in Intimate Areas?

    The first thing to know is, it is perfectly normal to have darker skin in areas such as the underarms, hands, face, knees, elbows, inner thighs, bikini line or the skin around the anus.

    These dark areas are accumulations of dead cells and melanin on the top layers of the skin. No one in the world has a completely even skin tone over his or her entire body. Some people are simply born with darker areas of skin, often in intimate areas.

    The skin in these areas can also darken due to other factors such as pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, or simply aging.

    Is Skin Lightening safe?

    Our treatment is the one that started the trend more than 12 years ago! Safe, gentle, and clean.


    Principal ingredients:

    • Licorice extract, bearberry, green tea, citrus lemon and aloe vera.

    The products are produced in the USA with the highest degree of quality and safety and are approved by Health Canada.

    Lightening Treatment Areas :

    If darker skin on any of these areas is bothersome to you, you may benefit from intimate lightening treatment for the following :

    • Inner Thighs

    • Bikini Line

    • Areola and Nipples

    • Underarms

    • Knees & elbows

    • Face

    • Hands

    • Any other external body area.

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